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The term ‘assault’ is a wide-ranging crime that covers many different acts. If you are accused of attempting to cause physical injury to another person, you may be charged with the crime of assault in either New Jersey or New York. In fact, you do not have to actually hurt the other person to be charged and convicted of assault, as long as it can be proved that you made an attempt to injure. If you have been charged with this crime, or believe that you may be charged soon, call our offices today for a consultation. Foy & Seplowitz is an experienced firm that will fight hard for you every step of the way.


Because of the varying degrees of severity that are possible within the assault law, the charges can range from a minor misdemeanor to a very serious felony. If a violent act has taken place in which a person was seriously injured, aggravated assault may be among the many different charges brought against the accused. If you are charged with a serious assault case and wind up being convicted, you can face the following punishments –


  • Significant jail time;

  • Fines;

  • Long-term probation;

  • Anger management classes and programs; or

  • Community service.


The punishments for an assault conviction will vary along with the charges depending on the specifics of the case. One thing is constant, however – you will need quality legal representation to stand by your side throughout the case.


Call our offices today and we will be happy to meet with you to discuss your case. Our team is experienced with assault cases in both New Jersey and New York, and is looking forward to speaking with you regarding this matter.

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