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Domestic Violence

Domestic violence is the act of physical violence or abuse committed by one family member or household member against another. While domestic violence can entail anything from a slight push to a serious attack, all forms of domestic violence charges are taken very seriously under the law. A domestic violence case can result in both a civil restraining order entered by the court as well a criminal conviction for various types of underlying offenses. The court is unlikely to cut any breaks in the case of a domestic violence charge, and it will be up to you to fully defend yourself if you wish to avoid some very serious penalties. By contacting the office of Foy & Seplowitz today, you can find out how our experience and knowledge in the area of domestic violence can be to your benefit. We have successfully represented both defendants and plaintiffs in domestic violence cases.


There are actually several different relationships that can lead to domestic violence charges being filed if an incident should occur. Included are the following:


  • Husband and wife

  • Girlfriend and boyfriend

  • Roommates

  • Siblings

  • Individuals who recently lived together, but no longer do


It is possible to face felony charges related to a domestic violence incident and be sent to jail for many years if a conviction is reached. While all cases are unique, you should be prepared to defend your name and stand up for what you know is right. Unfortunately, the domestic violence laws are often used as a sword instead of a shield. With the defense firm of Foy & Seplowitz on your side, you will never be alone throughout the legal process. Contact our law firm immediately to schedule a consult so we can began to develop the strategies to properly represent you in court.

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