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Forgery & Fraud

Forgery and fraud are not violent crimes, but they can have a destructive effect on those who are victimized by them. For that reason, forgery and fraud are prosecuted aggressively in the states of New Jersey and New York, and those facing charges under these crimes should take them very seriously. If you have been charged with a crime of this kind and would like to fight those charges to the fullest extent, call our offices today to schedule a consultation. The criminal defense firm of Foy & Seplowitz is experienced with forgery and fraud law and is able to properly assist you with your case.


Forgery and fraud crimes take on many different forms. Among some of the more common crimes to fall under these categories include:


  • Wire fraud

  • Bank fraud

  • Computer fraud

  • Identity theft

  • Credit card theft

  • Insurance fraud

  • Falsifying or tampering with records

  • False driver’s license or false i.d.


Any kind of forgery or fraudulent activity will be treated very seriously by the prosecutors that are working the case. White-collar crimes such as these have been on the rise in recent times, so they get increased publicity and the government wants to make sure to get convictions. In order to fight against these charges, start working with an experienced team like Foy & Seplowitz today.

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