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Marijuana Offenses

Marijuana related offenses are some of the most common charges brought in the states of New Jersey and New York. Even though the public’s stance on marijuana has changed in recent years, police are still out there looking to make arrests for minor marijuana offenses. If you are convicted of a relatively minor charge like marijuana possession, you can face increasing penalties if you are arrested again in the future. By fighting against your charges and working with an experienced criminal defense firm like Foy & Seplowitz, you can try to avoid possible punishments and keep your life on track. Our attorneys are staunch proponents of the legalization of marijuana and will fight hard on your behalf to achieve the best possible result.


Since marijuana use is a relatively common practice, there are a wide range of charges that encompass all of the different ways an individual can run afoul of the marijuana laws. Among the most common charges include –


  • Marijuana possession

  • Marijuana sale and distribution

  • Possession of marijuana paraphernalia

  • Marijuana cultivation and production

  • Possession with intent to distribute


Most marijuana offenses will not result in serious consequences for a first time offender. However, if you have multiple marijuana convictions on your record, you could see jail time or larger fines and probation periods. For that reason, it is important to fight even first-time charges so that you avoid the possibility of increased punishments down the line.


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